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DITA and DocBook Consultancy Services

DITA is an architecture, methodology, and XML standard for creating and maintaining procedures, manuals, Help systems and other types of documentation.

DITA stands for Darwin Information Typing Architecture. It was originally developed by IBM, but is now an open standard under the trusteeship of OASIS (Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards).

Gradually but steadily adopted by industry, DITA holds much promise as it improves the documentation process, and the information quality, and readability.

DocBook is another OASIS XML standard for documentation that is particularly useful for book publishing. Although many see DocBook as a competitor to DITA, it is better to view the two as related but different approaches.

Adopting DITA or DocBook requires dramatically a different approach to authoring; new knowledge, skills and techniques need to be learned.

How HyperWrite can help...

HyperWrite can help you with every stage of the transition to DITA or DocBook. We have been using the technology on a variety of projects, and have built up considerable expertise in the field.  Our founder, Tony Self, is a member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee.

We provide consultancy services in:

  • project planning, establishment and strategy,
  • content modelling and specialisation,
  • training for the authoring team,
  • tool selection,
  • stylesheet development,
  • XSL-T transformations,
  • legacy content conversion, and
  • implementation and integration with content management systems.

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The DITA Style Guide

HyperWrite's founder, Tony Self, is the author of The DITA Style Guide, a book that provides comprehensive, practical explanations of DITA elements and attributes. The DITA Style Guide is now part of the XML editor's context-sensitive Help system, to provide authoring assistance to encourage consistency and correctness of markup.

You can find out more or btain your own copy of The DITA Style Guide.

The DITA Style Guide cover