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DITA and XML Authoring, Publishing and CCMS Tools Training and Support

HyperWrite has expertise in DITA XML authoring, publishing and component content management (CCMS) tools. We can help with project setup, content migration, implementation, and tools training.

Our tools expertise includes:

  • Syncro Soft <oXgyen/> XML Author
  • Just Systems XMetaL Author
  • Mekon DITAweb
  • Bluestream XDocs CCMS
  • Ixiasoft DITA CMS
  • Turn-Key TopLeaf
  • WinANT Echidna
  • Koala Documentation Suite
  • DITA Open Toolkit

We also provide support for a range of other DITA tools.

We support clients all around the world, and can provide project support either remotely or on-site.

How HyperWrite can help...

HyperWrite provides consultancy support for XML authoring projects. Specifically can help through the following services:

  • Outsourcing (in whole or in part) of conversion or authoring of XML documents.
  • Advice and support on transformation to and from DITA or DocBook format through XSL-T.
  • Advice and support for authors working with XML authoring tools (see also, Training).
  • Development of plug-ins, templates, stylesheets, and other support for XML document workflows.
  • Advice on tool selection.


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WinANT Echnida

HyperWrite's founder, Tony Self, is the creator of the WinANT Echidna publishing tool. This little utility provides a friendly Windows interface to the DITA Open Toolkit, and provides additional reporting and analysis functions. WinANT Echida is Open Source, hosted on Sourceforge.

Find out more about Sourceforge.